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Core Stability

Clinical Pilates

What is Core Stability - Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Stabilization programs utilize various exercise methods, including Pilates-informed exercises, and apply these to rehabilitate people who have been injured, or who suffer postural pain and weakness. Your Physiotherapist will assess your individual situation and carefully and systematically prescribe a program which will assist in your recovery from that injury. Your program is designed to consider all safety aspects relevant to your condition/injury.


How is the program run?

On your first visit, you will be individually assessed by a physiotherapist who is a qualified in Core Stability training. The assessment usually takes about 30 minutes. Your instructor will then prescribe a series of exercises for you utilizing varied equipment including Pilates equipment, (reformer and trapeze table), exercise balls, weights, mats resistance rubbers, balance equipment and exercises which you can do at home without the need for any specialised equipment.

Arrangements to participate in group sessions can normally be made after 4-5 individual sessions, once your program has been tailored for you and you develop a level of skill.


A membership, to allow you to attend the Pilates studio and exercise by yourself multiple times per week, is offered once your program is established and you display a competent level of skill.


What do I need to bring along?

In our studio we have all the equipment you will need to improve core strength. It is a good idea to bring a towel and a drink to each session. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes and don’t forget your motivation!



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